Restoring a ``Hollywood Famous`` Neighborhood Gem

Made famous in the 1990 film Pacific Heights, this San Francisco Potrero Hill home needed a lot of love to bring back its charm. We also used a new product, Sherwin Williams LOXON Self-cleaning Paint to help keep the brightness of the paint over time. This is critical since the owners wanted a brighter and lighter main color for the home.


Project TypeExterior Residential
NeighborhoodPotrero Hill
CompletedMarch 2020
SkillsVictorian Fine Detail

Over the years sun and weather have adverse effects on our old Victorian homes.

Water will find its way in between cracks and moldings which requires repairing and taking steps to ensure a watertight seal is applied to your home during the painting process. 

When we are estimating painting costs, the degree of damage is difficult to anticipate and is usually more extensive if the property has not been painted in a number of years. By removing old paint and prepping surfaces we usually find the extent of damage and dry-rot that needs to be repaired. 

I have worked with skilled tradesmen I trust for many years and I’ll recommend the right person who will come in and repair whatever exterior damage may exist in your home. I will also manage and schedule these specialists so the project runs smoothly.

  • Recommend any needed repairs before painting.
  • Scrape, prep and sand all exterior surfaces to be painted.
  • Repairing special features such as moldings, finials, and crests.
  • Prime all surfaces and apply two coats of exterior paint.
  • Application of 22-carat Italian gold accents.
  • Fine detail painting of filigree.
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