Paint-By-Numbers The Victorian Way

Nothing beats a San Francisco Victorian with all the accents to make it pop. With painting and restoring Victorians one should do what one can to accentuate the artistry of the period. But prior to painting, this Victorian’s sharp, angular architectural elements were lost with its original pale, seafoam color.

We used a  large color palate of contrasting colors and real 24-carat Italian gold leaf accents to highlight the crisp soffits, and the window frame details.


Project TypeExterior Residential
NeighborhoodPresidio Heights
CompletedSeptember 2022
SkillsVictorian Fine Detail

Most Victorians require some repair and waterproofing.

These are old buildings and water finds its way in. As a San Francisco painting contractor we can only guess the degree of damage that may or may not exist when we are estimating. It’s when the painters are scraping and prepping that we typically will find any dry-rot.

Luckily I have a fantastic collection of tradesmen I can recommend who can usually come in and fix whatever the challenge might be. I will also manage and schedule them so all stages can run smoothly.

  • Recommend any needed repairs before painting.
  • Scrape, prep and sand.
  • Repairing of any molding.
  • Primer and two coats of exterior paint.
  • Application of 22-carat Italian gold accents.
  • Fine detail painting of filigree.
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