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Painting Victorians

Naturally, as a San Francisco house painter, I’ve done my share of Victorian exteriors.

When completed they’re a thrilling thing to see – the complex color palette, the restoration, and fine detail makes these homes the pride of any painting contractor. And the process of bringing these homes back to life can be a thrilling and beautiful process. But it can also be a nightmare for a painting crew and for a homeowner, if not properly considered and estimated.

All one has to think about is what these Victorians have lived through – earthquakes, vicious rains and draughts, fires, bad renovations, previous inferior paint job, neglect and multiple tenants. Because of their original fine craftsmanship, they have survived where modern homes would have crumbled, but they all have their challenges that need attention and should be considered by any Victorian owner who wants their home to look refreshed and vibrant. There’s possibly mold that should be treated. Windows may leak or will leak if not attended to. Fine, invisible cracks in the roof or between the seams must be repaired before painting and keep it that way for a long time to come.

Thinking beyond painting to proper waterproofing and restoration will not only make your Victorian more sound, it will help protect that beautiful paint job that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

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